A Branding Guideline
for an
online brand

Client – Quick Homeo
Location – Mumbai, India

About the

The brand sells online remedies of alternative medicines. Other than just selling medicines the brand also offers online consultation by leading homeopathy doctors from across the country.

The Philosophy of the Brand
– You are unique
– Experience of sickness is paramount
– You heal from within
– Maintain the dynamic bubble of immunity
The brand takes a vow to maintain the dynamic bubble of health & immunity. Keeping the dynamic & experimental nature of the brand, the image has been created with a sense of flexibility and nurtures a feeling of good health and safety. 
About the logo

Since the brand promotes uniqueness in every sense the logo is a combination of different features the brand promotes. The logo is meant to be colorful so as to have a global appeal. The logo is specially created keeping a young age group in mind. The internet engagement of young people is high especially when it comes to online medicines and consultation.  Also, a combination logo is created to give clarity to all users. There are multiple versions of the logo including a shorter version to give it 100% flexibility. 

The Brand guidelines

The brand guidelines tells us about the rules pertaining to logo usage. It talks about the colours, typography, space management, icons and repeats that one can use while designing the website and various aspects of the brand. The guideline is there to uphold the value of the brand at all times.