Packaging Design for high-end
Pocket Squares

Solution option with leather and velvet...

- Packaging Solutions -

For high-end pocket squares

Packaging Brief

Create a box with very luxurious finish as a structure which is environmentally friendly. The box will have flaps as the top part closes with a silk ribbon / or have a magnetic button lock. The packaging will consist of 2 boxes, an outer decorative shell and an inside box. Give a description of the product on the opening of the top flap. Under the flaps give information as to how to use the pocket squares.


– Product –

Pocket Squares


– Product Price Point –

Avg 100 USD per unit


– Income –

USD 100,000K & upwards


– Profession –

Professionals, Corporates & Socialites who wear suits/formals both for work and socialising need to keep it up with highly visible accessories.


– Personality –

Someone who likes to dress up – wants to stand out, has individuality, respects originality and likes to make an impression – a lasting impression.