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The Feature list of SmartFlo

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Chalex, a Computer Software Company founded in 2002, is based out of the US. Chalex offers ‘SmartFlo’, a SaaS server, a web-based workflow, digital asset management system for the enterprise. The software helps teams manage high-volume distributed brand planning and production projects. CHALEX SmartFlo software enables smart sourcing of projects’ jobs and tasks while managing the import and creation process for the lifecycle of digital assets and their brands. 


The problem statement


The pre-existing Chalex website had quite a few design co-morbidities like: 

  • Information overlap 
  • Lacked the main set of information needed to make the website readable or have any element of importance in their trade. 
  • Finding the USP of the company in terms of precisely what they do to keep their B2B existence alive. 
  • The information needed to be displayed in a clear and convincing manner. 
  • Customer reviews were  missing
  • An aesthetically appealing website with the right set of photographs/images with the content. 
  • The old platform was not responsive and did not coexist in tabs or mobile phones. 
  • There was no room for new customers on the old website. There was no contact us page available on the old website. 


The solution statement


Research says that the main challenge for any Software Company selling a B2B SaaS Product is in conveying the feasibilities and benefits of their products to their potential customers.

Most often, such tools are assumed to be an unnecessary and expensive luxury and not viewed as an eradicator of an existing underlying challenge that was being overlooked for various reasons, known and unknown.

When you establish an apt and factual approach for your customer/ user groups, it becomes easier for them to understand and see the bigger picture.

Also since buying a B2B product process is lengthier in mid-large scale enterprises as the decision is taken by a series of Key Decision Makers who make the purchase on behalf of their company, and they are likely to take a careful and well-thought decision.

So, it becomes very important to create a good brand image in the intelligent minds of such decision-makers. 

Our Problem-Solving Journey

As UX/UI designers, it is important for us to understand the product first, the uniqueness, and then start designing around it without stirring the true essence of their identity.

We began with creating a layout for the website that should be accessible and interactive.

We inherited a few design elements and graphics from the previous version of the website and integrated our own colour palette, that would complement the product and the company. 

Customized illustrations and graphics were introduced for a fresh look and feel. Subtle animations in sliders, colour changes were incorporated to make it more interactive and dynamic.

Heavy importance was given to lowering the load time, increasing the performance of the website across all versions to cater for heavy usage.

Regular meetings and critical feedback from the client helped us in coming up with a design and interface that is conveying Chalex’s vision and their product’s importance. 

What can we say at the end?

Chalex emerged out to be a fresh Company with a new Brand Image and a much more appealing look than before.

Not just the US, their market reach expanded to Europe, and are planning the next phase of expansion in Australia and APAC.
Companies have shown a better product understandability and trust in the name CHALEX.

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