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we are creative!

Trugo Design Studio is a movement for Creative Designing and Branding that becomes a medium of storytelling and reliving this extraordinary and colourful life. We harness the powers of design and branding. Founded in 2019, we are a UX/UI Based Design and Branding Agency from Ireland, catering to the world which is heavily design-malnourished. Our simplicity defines us.

Our working ethics, design concepts, our love for uniqueness, our analytical gambit for our projects, all add to make us stand out.


look upside down with us!

Yes, we are critical. We are critical towards our work so that you get the best, the right & the truest to your business.
We as a team of Researchers, Designers, Creators & Doers all together, combine our hearts and minds together to create a unique solution to uplift by creating or recreating the brand image of your company. Whatever we do, we do it with the purest intention, utmost attention, and flawless perfection.


David Haran

David Haran

Digital Transformation Specialist

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Abhishek Chauhan


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Zanda Meijere

Partner- Customer Experience

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Simrandeep Kaur

Managing Director

Michelle Connell

Michelle Connell

Business Development Manager

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Abhrojit Boral

Creative Director

Mustafa Aljuaidi

Mustafa Aljuaidi

Associate Creative Director

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Seshadri Ayengar

3D Artist


Anik Chakravarty

Director- Business Relations, Ops

ashish malvi

Ashish Malvi

Software Engineer

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Sugnadha Saha

Social Media Designer

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Priyamvadha Dinesh

Content Writer


David Chukwuma

Tech Intern



Research is an integral part of every stage of our design process. We study the context of our users, product, and market as our starting point, and develop solutions based on requirements. Our methods and results are tested on qualitative and quantitative levels to produce substantial data that refine and enhance user experience.


We design interfaces and curate experiences. Consistency is key in our designs. We build designs that are true to your brand. We adopt design assets like colour palettes, layouts, logos, that speak the language of your brand and connect to your customers. We believe in transforming potential prospects into trusted customers with design.


Front-end development and technical implementation of the software are the core of our process. We focus on strengthening our wireframe to provide a hassle-free user interface and experience. Our prototypes are tried and tested for multiple scenarios, making our solutions reliable, accessible, and adaptable to a larger user group.